Since ancient ages, anklets hold a special significance in a woman’s life. Whether you want to wear it for your tradition or a special occasion, nothing could beat the style of these anklets for women. They are chains worn around the ankle and are decorated with bells, beads, and other beautiful embellishments. In rural regions of India, women wear a heavy and intricately designed “Payal” to indicate the family’s wealth. Also, you can even find dances and brides wearing this Indian foot jewelry. Today, anklets are worn as an everyday accessory by women in addition to wearing it to weddings and alongside gold jewelry.
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Choose from a Range of Beautiful Anklets for Women at Anuchaa

Because today’s market lacks different varieties of Indian anklets, most women tend to face difficulties in choosing the right one. That’s why we are here to help! We, at Anuchaa, not only just offer you a range of anklets for women but also offer you them at the best price. Let’s discuss a few of Indian ankle bells you can choose.

Different Types of Indian Anklets a Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Here are the types of Indian anklets you must consider to make an ever-lasting impact on any occasion.
Metal Anklets: These Indian anklets are incredibly popular among young girls and working women. These pieces of jewelry are exceptionally beautiful and can enhance the beauty of your feet. Though you won’t find several embellishments in these Indian “Payal” designs, you can choose metallic hue right from rose gold yellow gold, rose gold, and silver.

Beaded Anklets: These anklets for girls are colorful beads that come in multiple designs and shapes and can easily be matched with the color of your outfit. Buy this beautiful anklet for women at Anuchaa!!

Bridal anklets: Because of their ornate designs, these bridal anklets are generally quite heavy and you can find a beautiful work polki, Kundan, or even diamonds. If you are getting married and want to wear something stunning, opt for rose gold anklets with intricate craftsmanship. Shop for beautiful bridal anklets for women at Anuchaa!!

Ajmeri Payal Design: These anklets for girls have many small bells attached to them that delivers a loud jingle. You might have seen these Indian ankle bells on the feet of dancers performing traditional dances like Kuchipudi or Garba.

Sterling Silver Anklets: These anklets for women have been famous since traditional anklets came into existence. You can easily find Indian anklets in enamel work, colored zircon, ghunghroos, Meenakari work, and chains.

Buy Trendy Anklets for Women Online at Anuchaa

If you are willing to buy anklets for women, choose from an exhaustive range from Anuchaa. But if you want to style your Indian “Payal” and look unique and beautiful, you must learn how to style it. No matter how beautiful your anklets are, if you don’t know styling tips, you won’t look unique.

Style Your Anklets for Women & Be the Trendsetter among Your Gang

Here are the ways to style your anklets and be the trendsetter on any occasion.
Elegant: If you are wearing an elegant dress along with high heels, always opt for charm anklets. As these anklets for women come with minimalistic work, you can flaunt your simple and elegant look. Don’t forget to consider head jewelry.

Sporty and Chic: It couldn’t be wrong to say that Indian anklets have now become a go-to accessory with a pair of jeans and sneakers too. If you want to flaunt a sporty and fashionable look, opt for a beaded anklet. Make sure it’s wrapped tightly wrapped around your ankle.

Double is Better: Yes, you can do that! If you want to flaunt a unique and beautiful look, wear both your anklets around one ankle. You could also find another anklet online at Anuchaa to pair up with the one.

Holidays: Choose boho style anklets that go perfectly well with your beach outfit. To complete your beach look, you can choose toe-ring anklets for women with a kaftan dress.

Shop for the Right Anklet to Complement Your Attire at Anuchaa

If you are looking to buy the latest Indian anklets, choose none other than Anuchaa! We always remain updated with the current market trends to ensure our customers must get the fresh and beautiful Indian “Payal” design that suits your outfit and look.

Pair Anklets with Traditional Dresses & Other Pieces of Jewelry

If you are a working woman, choose anklets for women that come in small and tiny designs. Choosing a subtle and minimalistic design anklet can add a great look to your attire. From gold and silver to copper, Indian ankle bells are now available in all metallic hues so you can match them easily with the other jewelry pieces and slay any occasion like a pro. If you’re heading to a traditional event/occasion, always go for Kundan anklets or Indian anklets with designs like Polki and antique pearl. If you want to pair your western attire, ensure you choose simple Indian anklets at Anuchaa! Also, you can even go for chain anklets.

Anuchaa- A Platform to Choose from Exquisite Ankles Online

Looking to buy designer Indian anklets for women at the right price? If so, we’ve got you covered! Our extensive collection of all such designer anklets will perfectly go well not only with the color of your outfit but also with the embroidery work on it. From pearl and diamond to trendy beaded anklets, you can choose from a range of anklets for girls as per your occasion and budget.
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