Tips for Choosing a Perfect Salwar Kameez Design

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Salwar Kameez(सलवार कमीज़) Design

Salwar Kameez was popularized during Mughal influence in India and further as it took various forms like the Patiala pants in Punjab. Salwar Kameez is an Indian traditional favorite as it is not only comfortable, convenient, budget-friendly but it's also adaptable, can be worn by anyone, and can suit any body type. We're all aware of these intricacies and the various types of designs for Salwar Kameez(सलवार कमीज़).

With changing times, there is experimentation with the types of Salwar or bottom like the Patiala, Harem and Afghani Salwar, the Kameez or kurta as the longer, shorter or asymmetrical kurtas and the dupatta that can be plain or have the most significance in the entire outfit. With these changes, how do you choose the perfect Salwar Kameez?
The major focus of getting the right salwar suits has a lot to do with the design and if you're to get your own then what latest design for Salwar Kameez would you opt for. Here is your detailed guide to finding the best suited to your needs:
  • Fabric First: Even before you choose anything else, you're to decide the fabric you're going for. A wrong fabric would mean an outfit not appropriate for your requirements. Fabrics are always chosen based on the season and location. Go for a comfortable fabric keeping the season in mind. Fabrics like cotton, poly-cotton, and net are best for summer as they are very breathable and easy to work in. On the other hand Cotton, Crepe, Georgette, Net, Satin, Silk, and Velvet for particular events require your glam game to be at its best. If you have a bigger body frame, you may go for silk or satin as they'd help enhance your curves.

  • Answer the Why!: This question allows you to make all the other choices easily. You must have an answer for why you're buying this. Are you planning it for a wedding event or to just add to your wardrobe for college wear? For a party, you can go for materials like chiffon or silk that give you that natural sparkle and colors like red, navy blue, maroon, silver, and black tend to make a mark. For daily wear, however, any pastel shade would make you look cheerful and pleasant.

  • Type of Event: Are you heading for an over-the-top event where extra is ordinary or is it just an evening party you refresh your wardrobe for? For the former, you can go for a Salwar Kameez with detailed and elaborate embellishments that'll make you look gorgeous and outstanding. For an evening, get-together, or a formal party, the focus is on minimal embellishments but work that can stand out like horizontal or vertical detailing with gold and silver. This will help you look professional as well.

  • Body Type: Buy an outfit that works for your body type, any outfit that doesn't enhance your body type is just a wrong choice you don't have to feel bad about. With different styles of Salwar Kameez, it's easier to find clothes that are made for your body type and can easily make you feel confident in it. As one of the major features of the Salwar Kameez, ensure that you're buying an outfit in which you can effortlessly look stunning. For people with an hourglass body shape, any type of Salwar Suit works just fine. But if the hips are heavier than the boulder, a pear-shaped body goes well with an A-line Salwar Kameez or ensures your choice is not tight around the buttocks. For people with broader shoulders, an Anarkali or frock suit would help complement their body structure.

With the above guidelines, we're sure your design for Salwar Suits(सलवार सूट) will be the right choice for not only your requirements but will be a reflection of your personality as well. With Anuchaa Retail, you can be assured to find various Salwar Kameez designs and choose the one that fits you the best.

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