Artisanal Salwar Suits from Anuchaa (Part 1)

Printed Salwar Suit

 Printed Salwar Suits

 Printed Salwar Suits make for super-duper everyday wear. These suits include astonishing, sleeveless cuts and wonderful Anarkali styles with prints that you just can’t wait to flaunt. Do you have a family affair coming up? Impress your loved ones with some stunning printed suits and embroidery work. You can enhance the entire look with Jhumka earrings, a set of bangles, some hair accessories. Whichever color you prefer, salwar suits look amazing in all designs and styles. You’ll feel like a princess with all the detailed designs and works.


Floral Salwar Kameez

Floral Salwar Kameez

Flowers depict Romance, fresh floral blooms, eternal spring, a splash of colors, and everything youthful & vivacious — flowers bring all these and more such spectacular imagery to the mind. Flowers are soothing and pleasant. They have a timeless appeal and charm — and can rarely go out of trend. From newly budding romances to flirty first dates and life-long togetherness, flowers are the perfect way to celebrate love and relationships. Flowers evoke heaps of memories and so do salwar suits in floral prints.


Zari Work Salwar Kameez

Zari Work Salwar Kameez

Zari Work has been in existence since the Mughal ages. Paintings and literature from that era made huge contributions towards the delicate clothing that the royal elites used to flaunt. One of the most interesting handworks from the Mughal era is the Zari Work. It stands out from all the other Indian artistry and craftsmanship involved. Zari means a delicate thread made of gold or silver. Zari work is fine thread work done on the clothing, usually silk, by weaving them into elaborate designs and motifs like flowers, paisleys, or peacocks. If we look into history, it shows that zari work was popular in parts of Persia, India, Pakistan, and the Middle East.


Lace Salwar Kameez

Lace is a dainty fabric made of thick yarn in an open web-like pattern, made by machine or by hand. In the olden days, lace was created out of linen, silk, gold, or silver threads and is still available. Manufactured lace is not made of the original fabric anymore. Lace Salwar Kameez is in a huge trend. The dainty lacework on Salwar Kameez is an all-time favorite of women as the lace has European origins and looks extremely sophisticated.


Stonework Salwar Kameez

Stonework Salwar Kameez
Stonework Salwar Kameez has been in modern fashion for a very long time. Perfectly stone-studded sarees, salwar kameez, and lehengas appear drop-dead gorgeous when embellished with stones in interesting, bright colors. Found right from the epic period of the valiant Mughals, the stonework salwar kameez designs have formed a niche for themselves in the Indian clothing market. They have become the most preferred choice for all important events. The stonework on the Indian salwar kameez instills a picture-perfect party look and makes your attire look glamourous. You can sport them for different ceremonies, festivals, picnics, casual outings, or bridal wear.

Plain Salwar Kameez
Plane Salwar Kameez
Indian women’s dresses are extremely comfortable when it comes to comfort and style. Plain Salwar kameez are quite popular with women these days. Well known for their variety of styles and extreme comfort levels, Salwar Kameez in plain designs are a ravishing choice for officials as well as casual occasions. There are countless plain salwar kameez designs and styles that suit individual preferences, varying in fabric, motifs, shades, prints, and other fashion elements. Simple salwar kameez has innumerable patterns that are minimal and simplistic and most of these are created out of velvety soft fabrics and well-fitting cuts. These simple salwar kameez have a decent elegance and some varieties can even be flaunted on parties and special occasions. Girls and women these days are extremely fond of plain salwar kameez and all with little embellishments.

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