Anarkali Suits– A Royal Dress Bearing A Grand Historical Legacy!

As a dress-like garment, Anarkali expresses inimitable beauty and usually consists of a long frock style top that accentuates a flowing silhouette to flatter any type of body shape or size. The Anarkali is a gorgeous version of the everyday Salwar Kameez(सलवार कमीज़) comprising a frock style top, bottoms (churidar), and a scarf (dupatta). It is often heavily embroidered, with varying lengths, and often paired with a dupatta. Anarkali are usually styled around the bodice and may incorporate multiple panels. The placket of the Anarkali is embellished with a high buttoned panel or might be buttoned until the chest level. Churidars get their florid names as traditionally these happen to belong and gather around the feet of the wearer, to form an illusion of Chudi’s (Bangles/Bracelets)on the fabric. 



As epic traditional wear, an Anarkali salwar suit is primarily worn as an ensemble in a set of three — a flared Kurta & Kurtis(कुर्ता और कुर्ती), a pant (could be a churidar or sharara), and a dupatta. An essential part of the Anarkali ensemble is the Anarkali Churidar-the bottoms that usually accompany the top frock style top. Anarkali suits always teal the show at Indian weddings. It is the favorite all-round as we see it being worn equally by the bride, her sister, or her friends. Everyone loves the long-flowing Anarkali suit at any party, social function, or grand occasion.



Own a historical heirloom garment whose name is derived from Anarkali, the famous courtesan in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar who dared to love the royal prince. She was supposedly banished and buried alive between two walls by Akbar for the same, and Anarkali suit thus is a moving testament to forbidden love. Garb yourself in an Anarkali Salwar Suits means the delicate bud of the pomegranate flower that epitomizes softness, vulnerability, purity, and beauty- expressions of beauty that every woman covets.



The Anarkali suit expresses love in myriad styles and variations including jacket, cape, layered, floor-length, and gown(गाउन) styles. It is made with divers though cotton, silk, georgette are the most common. Wear it to ooze with oomph and style that is a wedding and festive season staple even among Bollywood divas! Think Madhuri Dixit-Nene dancing Maar Daala in Devdas (2002) and you can slip into its essence. Own a masterpiece favored by designers who are in love with the silhouettes, while imparting it with their signature style!


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